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  1. Suffering builds character and endurance. Modern humans got too comfy, too soft, too sensitive. We slept in luxurious beds. We took hot showers. We treated illness with painkillers and drugs, rather than letting our body tackle it on its own. As advances in rights, social care and technology made suffering an increasingly minor concern for humans all across the world, we became increasingly detached from our autonomic system that is supposed to regulate our ability to tolerate inflammation and psychological stress. Our body and mind, taken together, is a natural wonder that we, in our modern indulgences, have deprived of the hardness that was supposed to make and shape us. This is why suffering has value.

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      страдаю в своем джакузи

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      тут сыглы

      при коронавирусе не обращайтесь в больничку, пусть тело само разрулит

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