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Hello, I am twitch.tv streamer with 10 000-15 000+ online in PUBG - https://www.twitch.tv/arthas. I've been asking for help PUBG Team for last 6+ monthes. Every single day I am being sniped by teams of cheaters. Something like that - https://clips.twitch...rfulGullHeyGuys, There are 300+ cases like that, I just dont have time to record it and collect it. I stopped streaming PUBG "full time" long time ago, because your support ignoring me, but I cannot even play without stream, have to buy at least 4 accounts per month just to play normal games, otherwise every day cheaters snipe me and ruin games, most of them use this site - https://pubgsnipe.xyz/. You allow this to happen, either you fix your "website" lobby which allows to find any player in the world and snipe him online or make account Hailrake invisible for the search.


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