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Топ-50 лучших рок песен 2011 года от Rus|Verm

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Новый топ рок-музыки 2011 года, 50 лучших песен.
От автора Warcraft 3 TFT Pokemon Spiral Evo.

Топ-50 (2011):
**********1) Glamour Of The Kill - Dying From The Inside (Melodic metalcore\Post-hardcore\Rock ballad).
**********2) Breakdown Of Sanity - Infest (Moshable Metalcore\Progressive metalcore\Groove metal).
**********3) Dead By April - Lost (Melodic metalcore\Modern metal).
**********4) Trivium - Forsake Not The Dream (Melodic metalcore).
**********5) Evanescence - Oceans (Gothic metal\Industrial metal).
**********6) Glamour of the Kill - Lost Souls (Post-hardcore\Melodic metalcore\Heavy metal).
**********7) Dead By April - Within My Heart (Melodic metalcore\Modern metal).
**********8) All Faces Down - Face The Truth (Post-hardcore\Love metal).
**********9) Dead By April - Last Goodbye (Modern metal\Rock ballad\Industrial metal).
**********10) Suicide Silence - You Only Live Once (Metalcore\Groove metal\Melodic deathcore).
**********11) Dead By April - When You Wake Up (Modern metal\Melodic metal\Glam metal).
**********12) Glamour Of The Kill - If Only She Knew (Easycore\Heavy metal).
**********13) All Faces Down - Days Like These (Post-hardcore\Love metal).
**********14) Seether - Fur Cue (Post-grunge\Nu metal\Alternative metal).
**********15) Dead By April - You Should Know (Modern metal\Metalcore\Pop-metal).
**********16) All Faces Down - Close To The Distance (Post-hardcore\Melodic metalcore).
**********17) All Faces Down - Stop To Fall (Post-hardcore\Melodic metalcore).
**********18) In Flames - Enter Tragedy (Groove metal\Melodic death metal
\Industrial metal).
**********19) Dead By April - Crossroads (Modern metal\Rock ballad).
**********20) All Faces Down - Changes (Post-hardcore\Melodic metalcore).
*********21) Times Of Grace - Strength In Numbers (Melodic metalcore\Metalcore\Rock ballad).
*********22) All Faces Down - Breaking Down (Post-hardcore\Love metal).
*********23) Times of Grace - Worlds Apart (Melodic metalcore\Love metal\Progressive metalcore).
*********24) Times Of Grace - Hymn Of A Broken Man (Melodic metalcore\Rock ballad\Progressive metalcore).
*********25) Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken (Gothic metal\Symphonic metal\Groove rock).
*********26) Times of Grace - Live In Love (Melodic metalcore\Love metal\Progressive metalcore).
*********27) Smile - Avril Lavigne (Power pop\Acoustic rock).
*********28) Dead By April - Dreaming (Modern metal\Pop-metal\Metalcore).
*********29) Amaranthe - Call Out My Name (Industrial metal\Power metal).
*********30) Glamour Of The Kill - World's End (Post-hardcore).
*********31) All Faces Down - Get Wasted (Post-hardcore\Love metal\Metalcore).
*********32) Five Finger Death Punch - The Pride (Modern metal\Groove metal).
*********33) Glamour Of The Kill - All I Have to Give (Post-hardcore\Metalcore\Progressive metal).
*********34) I Killed The Prom Queen - Sleepless Nights And City Lights (Melodic metalcore\Metalcore
*********35) Amaranthe - Leave Everything Behind (Power metal\Modern metal).
*********36) Glamour of the Kill - Through the Eyes of the Broken (Post-hardcore\Glam metal).
*********37) Amon Amarth - Destroyer of the Universe (Melodic death metal\Viking metal\Groove metal).
*********38) All Faces Down - Hero Of The Day (Post-hardcore\Love metal).
*********39) Amaranthe - Hunger (Industrial metal\Power metal).
*********40) Glamour Of The Kill - Feeling Alive (Easycore\Heavy metal).
*********41) NeoNate - Я Сам Очищу Тебя (Melodic metalcore\Alternative rock).
*********42) blessthefall - Promised Ones (Post-hardcore\Metalcore).
*********43) I Killed The Prom Queen - The Deepest Sleep (Melodic metalcore\Metalcore\Deathcore).
*********44) Machine Head - This Is The End (Groove metal\Melodic metalcore\Trash metal).
*********45) August Burns Red - Poor Millionaire (Progressive metalcore\Metalcore).
*********46) All Faces Down - I Won't Care (Easycore).
*********47) Trivium - Watch The World Burn (Melodic metalcore\Metalcore).
*********48) I Killed The Prom Queen - E666 (Metalcore\Deathcore).
*********49) I Killed The Prom Queen - Bet It All On Black (Metalcore).
********50) Breakdown of Sanity - The Storm (Moshable metalcore\Metal).

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Текст песни «Булки»
Эй (О, блять)
Булки, булки, эй, булки, булки (О, блять)
[Припев: Платина]
Булки, булки, булки, булки





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Юра ну ты и говноед, нассал + наблевал + насрал на каждый трек из этого топа.


Топ-50 лучших рок песен для вызова рвотного рефлекса, спасибо :metalhead::metalhead::metalhead:



Моя жизнь



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GOTK, AFD в топе, пост-хардкор, возможно вы их не слышали, а группы топ.

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