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  1. Feeling myself as a controlled whistleblower, unfortunatelly.

    The "torturers" did discover my handwriting (maybe coincidence), which wasn't been somehow showen on devices or something else except my eyesight and periodically long-term memory triggering in some "places".


    The last couple days i do getting been tortured by using some exposurer pointed on the longest way to shock CNS (fingers on the feet's). As i can understand it is EM source of radiation and it immidiatelly slowing down brain-proceeding, also as CNS (reaction etc.)
    Fingers on the hands is also heavy ionized , so , torturers also testing the results of periodically pointing on them too.

    By the way, there is insanely funny moments happens time-to-time, i mean dreams, when you are consciously fighting someones invasion in your alpha-channel proceeding to damage your organism by huge dose of adrenaline :D

    1. ELE.


      привет не читал :popavs:

    2. Eternhot



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