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  1. чет кек под 10700 такое брать
  2. если сможешь вставить 10700 в H370, то и разгонать сможешь
  3. avanturist

    One Punch Man

  4. главное чтобы под солью арахиса по ошибке не выебал
  5. то он ебал от 7 до 10 индивидуалок без гандона а теперь не встречается шизоид
  6. снова даунич перед малолетними подсосами фантазирует даже жирный семадог девочку ебал а сракичь в свои 30 даже за сиську не держался единственные девки на которых тратится и с которыми проводит время даунич
  7. папаня тоже сранишера с розумейко кормит?
  8. очередной последний заезд намечается в 10 части уже последний полет будет а в 11 кроссовер с трансформерами https://cv1.pikabu.ru/video/2020/02/02/1580656022287964610_720x406.webm?
  9. наверняка думает в лижаню ворваться на хардкорычах подсосы уже как раз все нужные итемы и валютку фармонули
  10. для извращений берут пузен
  12. авторитетное мнения от спеца по огнестрелу подъехало
  13. avanturist


    TRANSLATIONS: GUESS WE KNOW WHO SUS NOW Akoya: My left arm feels like it’s gone missing? What did he do to me. What trick did he use? A possibility is poison. Akoya: Oh? The feeling is back. It’s not poison after all. Nicolas: Its a small greeting instead of a handshake. Well then, what did I do to you after all ~ Guillamme: I assume you have done your research on Nicolas and know that he used to be in the military? Rin: Yes. However any further details were confidential. Guilamme: Of course. Nicolas belonged to a special op’s group who’s very existence was unknown. Rin: Special Ops huh? Thats probably why information was so tight. Guillamme: Originally, I didn’t even know that he was a relative. But you see I have a lot of friends in the political and business spheres. However, even I was limited to finding out that much only. At that time I can only wonder what kind of missions he was taking part in. Rin: Was the nature of his work even higher confidentiality? Guillamme: That appears to be the case. Nicolas and the others in the Special Ops took part in missions that should and would never be disclosed to the public. We can only imagine. Guillamme: But even so, I should have stopped him. Teddy: Nicolas was once my friend too. He used to come here with his colleagues from his Division. If I had only noticed the ‘strange phenomena’ at that time…. Guillamme: 6 Years ago. Nicolas and his squad were dispatched to a military zone in a certain country. I only found out about this well after. However, after he caused a certain ‘incident’, he was dropped from the military. Rin: A certain ‘incident’ ? Guillamme: Yeah. Amongst warcrimes, it falls under the worst category . A genocide of the civilians. All the members of the Spec Ops forces too fell to the hand of Nicolas. There wasn’t even a single body remaining. If such an incident comes out to the public, the current head honchos of the army will be suffering severe repercussion. And so before they could get rid of Nicolas, he went off the radar. Rin: So Nicolas hid himself in the underground is it? Teddy: Surely the <French> Government has figured out where Nicolas is by now? However as long as he is in Japan, they cannot lay a hand on him. Guillamme: And the French cannot even request the Japanese Government for assistance because that would mean revealing the nature of his actions and reason for apprehension. The only way is via assassination. No.. Surely they would have tried that already. But he’s still alive and kickin’ Rin: I See. But I do have something which caught my attention. Why does Nicolas participate in Underground Martial Arts when he is a fugitive? If he actually tried to hide himself better, he wouldn’t have been found by the French Government surely. Guillamme: I do not know. But my brother has always liked the spotlight. Teddy: Why would Nicolas, a man that ‘cunning’ expose himself like that to danger? Guillamme: That too I do not know. Rin: My apologies but, I have something I noticed. What is that? Teddy: Oh that? Thats when Nicolas and Guillamme came to visit a long time ago. A time before he entered the Special Forces. I still think of Nicolas as a good friend. Rin: What is the meaning of this! Cosmo: Wow! Adam: F*CK! BOTH OF THEM ARE F*CKING FAST! . . . Sayaka: Nicolas is getting into form it seems. What is that elegant pose? Jerry: What the what?!? It looks like he’s gonna have a dance-off. Nicolas: Well, shall we have a dance of death? Sayaka: According to the information provided to us, Nicolas fights using his own style of ‘creative martial art’. Its based on Fencing and a French Martial Art called <I’m gonna butcher this> Sauvade <?> . It also looks like he has a mix of our very own Karate in there too. Sayaka: And its name is: Sahady <Kanji is literally Kill, Split, Hand, Savate?>. It could be said it as the French equivalent of Karate. Liu: Why is Nicolas able to use Karate? Fei: He did Karate for half a year. Liu: So he’s fencing with his bare hands? Like what Hikaru does? Lolong: He isnt doing the same as that idiot. Yumigahama is the product of taking in many techniques with no idea how to use them in moderation. Terashi: You really don’t like Hikaru don’t you. Lolong: Nicolas’ reach is 10cm greater than his height. His compatibility with fencing is exceptional. And on top of that is his Reaction Speed. His fastest reaction time transcends the limits of the human body at 0.078 seconds. If he was to go in to a fight with intent, there is no one able to defend against him. Is what I thought…. Nicolas: So you have faster reactions than me? Narrator: Akoya Seishu’s fastest reaction time is 0.074 seconds. Sayaka: Its a flurry of hits. Its like getting hit with a riot baton instead of a right hand. Lolong: So its a style that uses a baton and shield huh? A style used for handling rioters and mobs. A fencer vs an armed police officer. This has become quite interesting. Sayaka: Both are taking and defending hits! A constant shift in offense and defence between the two! <Eye hit> Okubo: Did he get hit? Is reaction time was superior to Akoya? Ohma: No. Akoya is still a bit faster. If they are trading blows, Akoya should have the upper hand. Akoya: EXECUTING JUSTICE….. what? Sayaka: And a direct strike!! … Guillamme: HUH? What are you saying? Teddy: Are you sure Rin? Rin: Yes! Theres no mistake! I have researched Purgatory’s fighter’s profile well in advance. In this photo…. THAT IS NOT NICOLAS LE BANNER! IT RESEMBLES HIM BUT IT ISNT HIM!
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