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  1. Цифровой релиз фильма «Убийцы цветочной луны» состоится 5 декабря. Прошлая дата, 25 января относилась к релизу на Amazon.
  2. VF: Fallout First Look: This Is How the World Ends—With a Smiling Thumbs-Up
  3. EW: Tokyo Vice season 2 first look reveals new characters, new dangers
  4. «Сёгун» начнет выходить 27 февраля 2024 года. В этот день выпустят две серии, всего в мини-сериале будет 10 эпизодов.
  5. Reno, Lone Ranger - First Neutral Hero Card Catch-Up Packs Everyone is getting two Catch-Up Packs for free. If you bought the BlizzCon Collection you get three Catch-Up Packs. Badlands pre-orders will also get Catch-Up Packs. The packs can be multi-opened so you can collect hundreds or thousands of cards all at once. Hearthstone's New Badlands Catch-Up Packs Contain Up to 50 Cards, Everyone Gets One For Free Battlegrounds Duos Battlegrounds Duos lets you play with a buddy against three other teams. You can play together to win together. Duos won't be launching until next year and is still in development. You each get to pick your own hero. You have your own board, tavern tier, and gold. Your health total is shared and starts at 30. Armor is the combined armor from your heroes. There's a portal you can click on to see your friend's board. One person's board spawns in first. When they lose all their minions, the next person's minions spawn in. If one person handles both opponents, the second person's board spawns in to deal extra damage. The person who has their hero icon first on the board has their board play first. You can use the portal to send cards to each other. Passing a minion costs 1 gold each time you do it. There are heroes that are specific to Duos, like Cho and Gall. They must be played as a pair. There are new duo-exclusive minions that can interact with your team. Check the gallery below to see new minions! The Nameless One hero copies your teammate's hero power. Duos has a pings system, emote to communicate with your partner. You can ping minions or the buttons on the UI.
  6. «Сёгун» — предстоящая американская историческая драма, основанная на одноименном романе Джеймса Клавелла 1975 года, премьера которого состоится на канале FX на Hulu. Ранее роман был адаптирован в телевизионный мини-сериал 1980 года.
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