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  1. Premier League rule change on postponements: If a club applies to postpone a match on the grounds of insufficient players due to COVID-19, they must have a minimum of 4 positive cases within their squad Кинул основное
  2. ⚡️ Newcastle have submitted a formal bid for Bruno Guimarães. €40m on the table - proposal made last night. OL answer still pending. No answer yet on player side - he’s attracting interest from Arsenal, Juventus and other clubs for summer. [Fabrizio Romano] Ну кста романо хуевый инсайдер, очень часто пальцем в небо тычет просто
  3. Newcastle are in talks with Atalanta striker Duvan Zupata. The player is keen on the move, and #NUFC have proposed an £8m loan fee with an obligation to purchase for £30m if they stay up. Atalanta are considering the deal and sources have said a deal is 'likely'
  4. David Ornstein | У Исака есть клаусула, равная 90 миллионам евро. На данный момент «Арсенал» попытается провести переговоры, чтобы снизить сумму выкупа.
  5. Вголос, джаку за такое бы удалили уже правда?
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