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  1. буквально осталась половина извилины
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2024/05/21/mauricio-pochettino-leaves-chelsea-live-updates/ Mauricio Pochettino has mutually parted ways with Chelsea after discussions with co-controlling owner Behdad Eghbali, and sporting directors Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart. Pochettino’s departure was confirmed on a Tuesday morning, following a club end-of-season review that began the preceding Monday. There are no reported tensions between Pochettino and Chelsea; the club is now seeking a young, progressive replacement coach. Potential successors include Sebastian Hoeness from Stuttgart, Michel from Girona, Kieran McKenna from Ipswich Town (also a candidate for Brighton), and Enzo Maresca from Leicester City. Prior to the decision, Pochettino had met with Todd Boehly, another co-controlling owner, and engaged in several hours of meetings with Winstanley, Stewart, and Eghbali. Pochettino departs one year into a two-year contract, with entitlement to a substantial compensation package. His exit, described as ‚amicable‘, makes him the third permanent coach to depart under the Clearlake Capital-Boehly regime, following Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter. Including interim roles by Bruno Saltor and Frank Lampard, Chelsea has seen five managerial changes in two years under the current ownership. Despite a season-ending five-game winning streak, securing European competition, and reaching the finals of the Carabao Cup and the semi-finals of the FA Cup, Chelsea’s overall season performance did not meet pre-season expectations. Pochettino leaves with his reputation intact but acknowledges the season’s shortcomings, influenced partly by a significant injury toll.
  3. https://packaged-media.redd.it/tnrfrbvz8r1d1/pb/m2-res_774p.mp4?m=DASHPlaylist.mpd&v=1&e=1716318000&s=3cc480abeb162fa7741b0c5d623ad69548e577f9
  5. какие шансы? если мне не изменяет память там только один абуминянг заразил пол премьер лиги
  6. БУХУЩИЙ В СТЕЛЬКУ ШОН ДАЙЧ И СКВАД ВУ ТАНГ КЛАНОВЦЕВ > лучший арсенал за всю историю
  7. а это чё за хуйня в реках такие мувики с каждым подписанным челом лепили, потом по воротам не попадал верим
  8. напоминание: твич контора отмороженных ебанатов
  9. (Постекоглу должны будут поставить памятник если арсенал не возьмёт чемпионство*)
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