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  1. Поздравим Райракича с Эцио
  2. Some frequent questions I've seen coming up is what's different with this version to the 2017 version of Justice League. Zack Snyder shot 5 hours of assembly footage during principle photography in 2016. From that, he edited it to 214 mins(3.5 hours) and was happy to call it his director's cut. From this, he was happy to edit it down to 3 hours for the theatrical cut, and release the 3.5 hour directors cut in Blu-ray. But WB wanted Zack Snyder to cut it to 2 hours for the theatrical cut. Which is unbelievable, since cutting 1.5 hours from a 3.5 hour movie would make it extremely unwatchable and make absolutely no sense. Snyder tried his best to negotiate with WB to release a longer cut, even made a 2.5 hour cut, which was extremely compromised and makes no sense, but WB wasn't happy. This was when Snyder suffered a family tragedy and lost the will to fight with WB for the longer cut. He stepped down and WB(Geoff Johns) used this opportunity to hire Joss Whedon, and use the 2 months of reshoots to reshoot almost the entire film. He wrote 88 pages of reshoots, which translates to almost 90 mins of the final movie. The original cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, and later Snyder confirmed that only 30 mins of the theatrical cut of Justice League had shots by Zack Snyder, and even those were heavily edited. The rest were shot by Joss Whedon. So Zack Snyder's Justice League releasing next month, which is 4 hours, will contain at minimum 3.5 hours of footage we never saw. The only new idea is the 4 mins of new footage he shot recently with Jared Leto and Joe Mangeniello, which he added since he wanted this universe's Batman and Joker meet at least once. Other than that, it's all shot in 2016. --- пиздос нахуй блять ебать 4 часа из которых 3.5 новых . надеюсь будет вин нахуй после ебучей вв84
  3. мавры сделали свое дело. А можно в техас до того как они сьебут плиз?
  4. От нас требуется сидеть тихо. После того, как все сделают, все будет у нас хорошо. Всем устроят довольствие, как Саудовским гражданам - каждый будет кататься в масле. Главное сейчас сидеть тихо и не суетиться. Никаких митингов, никаких навальных. Просто переждать и всё будет хорошо, там все схвачено.

    1. Rintz


      всё так

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      всё именно так братик

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  5. ЧТО БУДЕТ ЧЕРЕЗ ДВА ДНЯ БЛЯТЬ???????????????!1/1/1!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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