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  1. чо там очередной раз рифмабес подлизнул чайнику и его обоссали? заслуженно
  2. палма он выебал 3 0 хоть батл и говнище ебаное
  3. и чтобы можно было грабить корованы
  4. хз батл года эт керамзит - горизонт первый АНТАГАНИСТ второй без поражений 14 батлов шел ну и батл хороший вышел( жалко горизонт 2 раунд не зачитал)
  5. выглядит очень даже хорошо
  6. Raishin

    One Piece

  7. а мог бы чилить в е7 чет вообще 0 желания в него возвращаться >.< да там вообще все облегчили, она хоть на игру стала похожа + ща коллабы поперли(летом было ре зеро, щас слизь будет )
  8. Raishin

    One Piece

    Chapter title- "Tower" - Queen says Judge once said he wanted to create humans with "exoskeletons", with great power and endurance and a "heart of ice" without feelings. - Sanji is still shocked with the changes his body is undergoing and leaves because he needs time to think. - Queen chases him by saying to show him the raid suit. - Kid has severe headaches and is about to be defeated by Big Mom. - Kid and Law Vs. Big Mom, there are some battle scenes. - Killer vs. Hawkins. - Kid's headache is caused by Hawkins, who is headbutting himself. - In this part there is a long conversation between the two, at the end Killer says he has 2 questions for Hawkins. Question 1: What if the damage you do has nowhere to go? - Hawkins replies that the damage is going to go to Kid, then Killer cuts off his left arm. - Hawkins says why he has cut off his arm, if the damage is going to go for it... - Killer: "Kid has no left arm." - Question 2: How many lives do you have left if I remove Kid's straw dolls? Hawkins: "Congratulations, that was the last one." - Hawkins draws the card of "Tower" from his cards. But Killer defeats him. - "Tower" means "the collapse of the old" and a hidden meaning of the card is "a new path". - Killer: "Go ahead, mate!!"
  9. да жировик это пиздец
  10. есть еще % но мне лень копировать
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